Ways to Polish The Marble at The Homes’ Corridors

You may say, “visitors only see the living room, verandas, and not the corridors…” Remember that once, you can host a cocktail at home, and visitors will most likely make use of the corridors. Apart from keeping your corridors clean to impress your guests, polishing your corridors’ marble floor is essential to the health and longevity of the flooring.

So, Follow Me in This Article As I Take a Dive Into The Best Way to Polish the Corridors’ Marble:

Marble Polishing 

Marble is a limestone of metamorphic rocks, and is used in the construction of walls, especially bathroom walls, floors, and others, due to the beauty of its appearance and ease of handling. However, the marble is not above contacting stains from oil stains, drink stains, etc..

Home corridors’ marble tile cleaning includes polishing. In order to keep it clean and shiny, there are proven methods on how it can be polished at home in many easy and natural ways, and this is what we will introduce you to in this article. 

Marble Tile Cleaning Services

Method of Polishing

  • Bicarbonate of Soda: –

    A piece of cloth is placed in soda, used to clean marble, and rinse it with water. This method is characterized by its being inexpensive, and because it does not contain chemicals, and easily gets rid of its smell, in addition to being safe as it does not cause any scratch or digging in it. The substance is equally adequate for marble tile and grout cleaning in Sheidow Park.
  • Clear L. Liquid: –

    Four teaspoons of dishwashing liquid are put in two cups of water, mix them well, and put it in a spray to clean the surfaces, with a piece of cloth used to wipe it, and baking soda can be added with the mixture. 
  • Acetic Acid Powder: –

    Powder consisting of stearic acid and oxalic acid is used, with a little vanilla to change its smell, apply it on marble to clean it, and protect it from spills of hot materials on it.
  • Extreme Refinement: –

    It is used in cleaning natural granite and crystal synthetic marble, especially used by professional tile and cleaning services, because it depends on exaggeration of smoothing, which contributes to increasing self-polishing without the need to use chemicals. 
  • Chemicals: –

    Through it, the marble is softened and cleaned, and then treated with acidic materials, the most famous of which is aqueous oxalic acid. This method is characterized by maintaining its shine for as long as possible unless it is subjected to scratching or friction. 

Other Ways to Polish

Let’s consider these ways from the tile polishing services.

  • Stain Remover:

    Put a quantity of it in a bowl, add a quantity of water and means of washing, mixing it well, spray it on marble, and wipe it with a piece of fabric. 
  • Starch: 

    Put a quantity of starch in a bowl of water, mix them well, put it in a spray can, spray the surfaces, leave it to dry, then wash it with water. 
  • Candles:

    The use of candles is one of the old ways, which is characterized by its ease of use, but it has many drawbacks, including: the speed of the shine disappearance, the possibility of slipping, and the appearance of some spots. 

Tips for Cleaning Marble 

  • Avoid using acidic materials, lemons, and vinegar to clean them, to avoid scratching or digging. 
  • Make sure to clean it periodically. 
  • Avoid spills of color-containing materials on top of it, such as coffee, cumin, etc., and clean them quickly if they spill. 
  • Clean the marble from dust with a special brush. 
  • Quickly dry the spilled water. 
  • Wash it with soap and water now and then. 


The corridors are one of the home areas that holds dirt and dust. It is often the censure of the eyes, and therefore requires steady polishing.